Insights about Professional Scrum Developer Certification

The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate their knowledge of how to build complex software products using Scrum. Even if you are already practicing scrum for several years, taking a course to learn professional scrum and taking the assessment will make you clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of “The Scrum Team, Developers, Scrum Master, Product Owner” and the significance of time-boxing the scrum events.

Assessment Pattern

The professional scrum developer certification assessment is an online assessment containing multiple choice questions. The duration of the assessment is 60 minutes and number of questions is 80. You need to get 85% score to pass the assessment and obtain a certificate from You cannot skip a question without answering. You can bookmark a question.

Preparation Methodology

It is not mandatory to take training class from but it is recommended to refresh yourself. The training is usually for 3 days and can cost you around 1.3L INR. When you take the training and appear for the assessment, the trainer takes care about the assessment(certification) cost which is 200 dollars (roughly 15K INR). provides open tests (for free) which can be used as practice assessments. The open tests contain 30 questions with time limit of 30 minutes. Try to get 100% in these open tests consecutively for 5 times before taking the actual assessment.

Topics to read:

  1. Read the scrum guide (as a single source of truth)
  2. Time-boxes of scrum events
  3. Roles in scrum (PO, Developers, Scrum master) and responsibilities
  4. Emergent Architecture
  5. Quality Code and metrics for measuring code quality
  6. Refactoring and necessity of refactoring
  7. Three principles in Dev-ops
  8. Last responsible moment
  9. DRY vs WET vs AHA
  10. Blameless postmortem
  11. Unit tests, Integration tests, performance tests.
  12. TDD vs BDD
  13. Aspects of code maintainability
  14. SOLID principles
  15. Technical debt

My Experience:

Even after taking a recommended 3 day course, I had to read a lot (some of the topics given above). Making sure you get 100% in open tests consecutively for 5 times will help you in the actual assessment as 20–30% of the questions will get repeated from open tests. The open test may provide certain multiple choice options but the actual assessment may provide the same question with altogether different multiple choice options. Keeping a tab on the remaining time is important as you have to answer 80 questions in 60 minutes. Sometimes the questions may be situational. (E.g As a Scrum master, what should you do in this situation ? As a developer what should you do after checking on the given burndown/burnup chart ? etc. ). Browsing through the internet to find some sample MCQs for PSD may help.



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